The Simple Process Of Getting Paid For Junk Car In Your Yard

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There is no doubt that removing a junk car from your yard can improve the curb appeal of your property. After all, these vehicles can easily become an eyesore rather quickly. However, what you may not know is that you can actually put some cash in your pocket by choosing to complete this task. Continue reading to learn how you can get paid while also removing that junk car from your yard. 

Contacting Your Local Junk Yard

The very first thing you will need to do is to call local junk yards in your area. When placing these calls, you will want to start by informing them that you are looking to sell your junk car. You will be asked a series of questions about what type of car it is and how many miles it has on it. You may also be asked questions about what type of wheels and engine the vehicle has. Being prepared with this information ahead of time will help to make this part of the process a bit faster and easier. After answering these questions, the junkyard will be able to provide you with an offer to purchase your junk car. If you are happy with the offer you receive, you will move on to the next step in the process. If you are not happy with the offer, simply repeat the process with another junkyard until you get an offer you are willing to accept. 

Getting Rid Of The Car

Once you have an offer for your junk vehicle, the next step is to remove the vehicle from your yard. Oftentimes, the junkyard that is purchasing your vehicle will provide free towing services as part of their offer to buy your junk car. Before the tow truck arrives at your location, you will need to take the time to make sure all of your personal belongings have been removed from the car and remove any license plates that may need to be returned to the DMV. You will also want to make sure that the vehicle can be accessed by the tow truck. If the vehicle is located in your backyard or behind other vehicles, you may need to move the vehicle to a more accessible location before the tow truck can remove it from the property. Once your junk car has been safely loaded onto the tow truck, all that will be left to do is to sign over the title and collect your payment. 

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